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AHS: Boy Wonder

This was another wonderful episode. The more flashbacks that there are the more I feel like the season should have STARTED this way and then it leads into the Apocalypse. Otherwise, everyone is still wondering what was the point in those first two episodes? I guess we're never going to discuss why Cordelia didn't bring… Continue reading AHS: Boy Wonder

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Movie Review: The Endless

I LOVED this movie. It had everything I like. It was recommended by the guy who does the "Let Me Explain" videos and he said if you liked Coherence this is the movie for you. Even better it was an indie film written, produced and starring Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Some of my favorite… Continue reading Movie Review: The Endless

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AHS: The Morning After

As this episode was airing I was thinking how boring it was, however, I believe there was some information in it that will be relevant later on.  This episode focused on Mr. Gallant's character and his grandmother who eerily mimics the relationship between Constance and Tate in season one.  However, their feuding ended by the… Continue reading AHS: The Morning After

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20 Songs from Roswell S1/S2

The music from Roswell introduced me to trip-hop and through Sneaker Pimps, Portishead and Zero 7. I'm a little sad that it seems they're going the 90s pop route. Darn those licensing rights that didn't make it to DVD, Netflix or Hulu. If you have spotify follow my Roswell playlist Even Supernatural has that music… Continue reading 20 Songs from Roswell S1/S2