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Supernatural Season 14 Prediction

I started watching Supernatural again about three years ago.  I stopped for a long time because there was a lot going on and I just kept expecting for it to get canceled and I'll catch up then.  I believe I quit around season 10 and then it was still on, and then it was still… Continue reading Supernatural Season 14 Prediction

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School’s In Podcast: Wakanda Forever!

I am finally, yes FINALLY getting to see Black Panther. I had no expectations going into this movie. In Luke Cage, we're hit over the head with various themes so often after awhile they're not as meaningful.  Over time they become more like convenient props. My husband mentioned to me how the timing of Black Panther… Continue reading School’s In Podcast: Wakanda Forever!

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Can the Roswell Fandom Be Better than the Others?

I loved the 90s guys When Roswell started it was 1999 was in it's 6th season the X-files movie, which I loved, had just come out, it's been two years since Men In Black came out and remember, if you were alive then, if you weren't then you couldn't possibly remember but movies didn't come… Continue reading Can the Roswell Fandom Be Better than the Others?